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Thank you so much for booking, it means the world to me For those of you that didn’t get tickets this time…..this is just the start….we will be back. With more gigs and bigger venues next year. ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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I got tix. Had a feeling that BIGGER venues will follow. Yaaayyyyy. Brixton or Roundhouse would be my choices :)

Neil mate, you keep making shit-hot music and dropping killer sets, and we'll keep buying tickets, simple as. There's such a feeling of community about the fans, keeping that love alive. And boy, we need love in the world right now more than ever!! ❤️🔥

Thank heavens! There's a lovely church hall here in Weybridge. It's got great acoustics and small kitchen area with a serving hatch for orange squash and own-brand digestive biscuits. Plus, you could pop round ours for a cuppa beforehand and creme de menthe post gig. I'll just need to speak to the vicar about, possibly, rearranging the yoga, post natal pilates and zumba classes around your schedule. Let me know!

Mission on Frday get tickets! The joy to get them was indescribable, been a fan for 35 years & been to all Glasgow gigs! This morning "We are very sorry but due to a rare technical error the tickets you purchased for Leftfield at Swg3 Warehouse, Glasgow on 09/12/2022 are not available. We have therefore cancelled and refunded your booking. The refund will clear in 3 - 5 working days" Devastating! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Please play dates in the SW (Saturdays are best) Cheers!!😁👍

Can't wait until next year, I've been desperate to see you since the 90s, 2023 🤞 xx

Come to Canada 🍁 Mtl 🎶

The Paradiso in Amsterdam is waiting for you!! Long time already since 2017!!

Please let us fans know the next gig - I will be there despite serious mobility problems.

That's lovely honest comment! - see you in Bristol in December....lovely....😄

Pants!!!! Not to many unaffordable festivals please and thank you 😊

Belfast please 😍

Coming to Manchester cannot wait!

Saw u lot oat aBrixton Accedny on a Friday so good I went back the next night can’t wait 😛

So looking forward to Manchester and the venue. Nice one Neil. 😃👍🏼

Los Angeles has to be in your scope.

Make a stop in Birmingham please 👍🏼

Cornwall please 🙏

So looking forward to this!

South Wales please

Bluedot Festival! Please ❤️

Please come to San Francisco!

Any chance of Liverpool date please?

Andrew Butler we may still have a chance 😃

they went quick! dang...!

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🙏🙏 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Extra dates due to popular demand??

Couldn't get a ticket! Please play more dates!

Missed out!!! Pls put an extra date on!!!

So excited for Glasgow. Can’t wait🎶🎶

When Leftfield drop the bass it can literally give you organ failure! The Manchester venue looks awesome, can't wait 🔊🔊

Pleeeeease extra dates! I set an alarm to get tickets and slept through it. So gutted.

Once we saw it is fully booked. Well done my loves. Hope in extra dates and in Europe too.

Can't wait to see you in Glasgow. One of the best live acts ever

A London Saturday date please 🤞😊

Do more Scottish gigs please at bigger venues. SWG3 Glasgow is a club it's too small to get tickets

I didn’t even get a look in! 😂 Good work chaps.

Great it’s sold out! Any chance of an extra gig in nottingham?! 🙂

Glasgow needs more dates or a bigger venue

Whaaaaaat? Still says I'm on the waiting list and had no text to say they were on sale. Gutted. 😞

Just seen this and gutted I missed the bus. Any chance you can do a 2nd night in Glasgow?

😍 So excited for this! we got tickets on the Dice app waiting list, incase anyone else is looking for some.

If there will be North American dates in the future please come to Vancouver Canada!❤️

Patiently waiting in Montreal for a North American tour... 🤞

See you's in Glasgow , Cannae wait !! 😎

Thank you so much Donald Mactaggart thought we saw them bough out at electric fields it's going to be a very special night 🕺

I was ready at 10am for tickets to find they were all sold out 🥲

What happened to the Manchester tickets, couldn’t seem to find them online. Gutted 😢

Can’t wait…see you in Glasgow !!

Man it sold out super quick…. Sure dates will sell out too:) pretty please;)

Gutted, was waiting for pay day :(

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This Is What We Tour '22 ON SALE NOW 🎟🎟 The Steel Yard Marble Factory SWG3 New Century Hall @AEG Presents UK #livemusic #electronicmusic ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago
This Is What We Tour 22 ON SALE NOW 🎟🎟  The Steel Yard  Marble Factory  SWG3 New Century Hall  @AEG Presents UK  #livemusic #electronicmusic

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Damn! London sold out. I'm on the search for 2 tickets 🧐🤞

Can't wait! Tickets bought Paul Mcginness x

Come to New Zealand!

Wales needs some dates ♡

Come back to Australia!

Steve Yboy

What’s the deal here all the shows were marked sold out yesterday

Plenty of demand, any chance of extra dates Leftfield? Go on, you know you want to 🤞❤️


Aaahhhhh no way.

Looks like we got lucky Melv Franklin 😉 bring on Manchester 😜

Nothing left for Glasgow, dam.

London gig sold out at 10.01 was there any tickets ?

Sold out

Mel Cook Charmaine Sandercombe link to tickets xx

they went so damn quick, another London show pls pls pls

Will this feature some of the Leftism crew for the live show?

No Glasgow tickets left at 10.03am??!! 😭😭

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This Is What We Tour '22 - Fan Pre-sale now live. Here: 🔥 ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago
This Is What We Tour 22 - Fan Pre-sale now live. Here: 🔥

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Any chance of an Australian tour??? It’d be awesome!

Leftfield I signed up for presale and got an email to confirm sign up which I did. Have been waiting all morning for an email as there was no info on presale timings and general sale is open tomorrow. Only to go on Facebook and see it’s live an hour ago and now presale is sold out for the London gig. Incredibly disappointing.

Has Manchester pre sale sold out? As my link just says code has expired (I only just got the email an hour ago) and I’m in a meeting at 10 tomorrow! Be gutted if I miss this.

Come to the Netherlands in 2023, preferably to Groningen or some other place that's NOT Amsterdam, I loved the Paradiso gigs but hate to travel there 😁

Incredible live performance and chest bursting bass frequencies ❤️

Please come back to NZ. Your last trip here for the 20 year leftism tour was simply amazing.

Can't wait for this.....Barrowlands 2017 is gonna take some beating!!

Got my tickets yesterday. So excited for this 🔥

awesome. Booked bristol. Saw you at motion for the leftfield 22 tour. Also one of the best live gigs i've ever been to: leftfield homelands 2000

Can you possibly add Birmingham / Nottingham / Sheffield or any midlands location please

Got my Brizzol tickets. Can't wait.


Q. will these shows be as loud as you have been before (3d sound i think)

Hopefully more in the pipeline, can't do Wednesdays! 🤞

I saw you play live at Rock City Nottingham 1996…you are still awesome!!

Booked my tickets last night - can’t wait !!

Sold out in Bristol! Or I can’t buy tickets - 😩

Will we see you in Northern Ireland

Jason Haigh hope you’re going to one of these!! Saw them back in like 2010 at Creamfields and it was amazing!!

Liverpool date please!

Come back to Ireland! 😁😁

YES just got our tickets 🔥🔥🔥

Any chance you could all come to Australia for a few dates? 🤞

We'd love to see you here in the US in 2023! Especially New York City! 💛🤘

Ireland anytime soon??? Still have my original leftism CD in the car.....

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New Single & Tour Dates! Tickets on general sale FRIDAY!
Listen to Accumulator now:
See tour dates & pre-sale info here:
... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago
New Single & Tour Dates! Tickets on general sale FRIDAY!
Listen to Accumulator now:
See tour dates & pre-sale info here: http://www.leftfieldmusic.comImage attachment

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Perth Western Australia again please ☺️


Please can you do a Belfast Date !?

BOOM 🔥 Got 4 tix for London. That's going to be awesome. Liking the hypnotic grooves, twists and turns of 'Accumulator'. Proper old skool vibes🤘🤣

Just listened to Accumulator - wooaaah! Absolute cracker - sounds awesome on my home system, but can't wait to hear it live - gonna absolutely tear it up on a big system!

See you at New Century - and p.s: 'Accumulator' is EPIC!

Tickets bought for the London show 👍😊

Loving Accumulator! 💣 See you in Bristol! Huzzah!

Amazing, wish I could join the fun. Xx

Saw you in Nottingham in the mid? 90's....priceless. Can't remember much but just how blown away I was. Still play Leftism to this day... Timeless.

Wicked. You should fit right in in crazy Amsterdam! Is it possible we can expect you in Paradiso some time in the future?

That’s a tour ? 🙁

Gahhhh, wish you were at Bristol on a Fri or Sat - I work in a school so can't do school nights 😭

Accumulator is a belter, Neil! Really excited about the shows and the new album can't come quick enough 👍🏻

Manchester tickets sorted! Missed you guys live.

Excuse me....but 4 dates is NOT a tour.....that's album promotion.

Yesssss!!! A long time coming. See you in Manchester!!! All kinds of epic 💜🙌🏻🎵

Love to see you guys on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Katy Kirton Leftfield on Tour! They were great at Penn!

Best news, new track is a belter too

Glasgow purchased ✅👍

Well if you are not coming to Birmingham eventually I can come to Manchester 🥳❤️

Ah, please come to Dublin. Great memories of your last gig

Coming from Leeds! See you at Manchester!!! ☝️🔥

Yeah, tickets for Bristol sorted 🤩

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News tomorrow! Be the first to know...Sign up here: ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Please say it is a tour! 😁

Tour dates would be mega! Also, enjoying the snippet of new album track, hopefully!

It's time to tour again. Los Angeles Greek theater would be a great place to start.

SWG3 , Glasgow tickets ordered . Canny wait 😎 'Pulse' rising in anticipation 😉 💗

Love the New songs! Please come to the Netherlands!

Please tour UK!!!

Signed up yesterday, but still no news. Soon? 😁

Neil Twigg Dylan Burgess tour news 🤞🏽

Ed Aldiss Mark Habbershaw if this is a tour I’m going!!!

UK tour please.

YES!!! See you on 10th Dec Leftfield!

Tourism II: Leftfield-er

Tour ❤️


Hurrrrah ! 9th in Glasgow...see you there !! 🤸

When we getting the news ? ❤️

Karen Owen

Chris Chilly Hill Daniel Jago Edmonds

Dickie Jones…

Graham Griffiths

Nathan Jan Byron 👀👀 Leftfield at the Steel Yard, 7 Dec 😃 Sign up for presale! I just got a coupla tix...gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

If you can't make it to Inverness I'm praying for Barrowland Ballroom Glasgow

Bryan Walsh Adrian Walsh

Wahoo :)

Glasgow tour 😉

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